Marketplace and Digital Platforms

Marketplaces where service providers can meet their clients are now present in all the economic sectors. The creation of these websites raises many legal issues:

– Choice of legal structure;

– Setup of the general terms and conditions of service with suppliers and clients (drafting of GSCs, GCUs, GSCs);

– Definition of the roles and responsibilities of third party intermediates and stakeholders;

– Obligation to provide information on the platform

– Corporate and tax obligations;

– Invoicing procedure;

– Payment on behalf of third parties and obligations to French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) ;

– Validation of the screen pages of your website or application;

– GDPR compliance and drafting of privacy policies.

The experience of the lawyers of FERAL-SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE on the setup of numerous marketplaces shall enable you to make the fundamental and comprehensive choices for your future activity.


  • Talk of Justine Sinibaldi and Clémence Pancracio on this subject during the second webinar in the serie "Legally Yours" on e-commerce hosted by le CRIP, on October 19, 2020....