Intellectual Property Law

Intangible assets are an essential part of a company’s total assets. At each stage – acquisition, protection and transfer — the law brings solutions that each company must fully master.

From photography to music, from software to data bases, our experience is wide in the area of royalties and rests on daily exercise of applicable legislation as well as on an active judicial watch.

In addition to classic subjects in intellectual property law, a sector has developed whose economic and technical importance has now become significant – free software. We are regularly asked to help companies choose adequate free licenses or to evaluate the constraints and limitations of each of them.

With regard to patents, software today brings up aspects which question the traditional principles of the subject. Protection of software by patents must today be appreciated, with its strengths and its weaknesses, within a legislative context that remains uncertain.

The Internet has cast a considerable light on issues surrounding the principles of territoriality and specialty, which are the foundation of trademark law. Within this framework, our lawyers regularly intervene in litigation related to domain names, either as advisors or as cyber arbitrators.