FERAL-SCHUHL/SAINTE-MARIE is registered as a training services provider under number 11 75 5531 175 with the Préfet de Région for the Ile-de-France, in accordance with the provisions of articles R. 6351-1 and following of the Labour Code. This registration does not entail State approval. Depending on your needs, we work out a specific training scheme on half-a-day, one day or two days.

FERAL-SCHUHL / SAINTE-MARIE is listed as a training body in Datadock and is referenced by the various professional training sponsors.

GDPR / Personal data protection

Presentation of GDPR, compliance action plans, training for the DPO, user awareness for their obligations, setup of data protection policies.

Computer contracts

Contractual treatment tailored to the usual risks inherent in computer projects (such as uncontrolled overspending or deadline increases, changes to the initial scope of the bid specifications, non-compliance with or degradation of the service levels…). For more information about our expertise in IT law.

Duties and liabilities of the Chief Technology Officer

A transverse approach to spot the risk zones within the company or public body concerned and to determine the legal and operational solutions that may be implemented.

Dematerialization and electronic signature

Get hold of the legal and regulatory environment in order to determine how to implement dematerialization within your company (keeping the archives in compliance with the legal requirements, selection criteria for electronic certificates…).

Open Source software licensing

Understand the features of the main Open Source software license terms (LPG V3, CeCILL…) as well as the assets and drawbacks of the solutions implemented within your company or civil service.

Survey of current legal developments in IT

Inventory of developments and trends over the previous 12 months (personal data, copyright, liability of internet players, domain names, cybercrime, electronic surveillance, e-commerce…).

Labour law applied to technologies

General rules applicable to cybersurveillance, specific rules regarding whistleblowing, biometrics and electronic voting; evaluation of diversity within the company; position and evolution of case law…).

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